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“best practices” Tips

SeoPros “best practices” are a guideline used in reviewing Firms for a listing in the directory and setting Professional standards for business practices by the Members of SeoPros. Search engines determine what spam is, not SeoPros. Keep in mind, what may be fine for one, may not be for another.

The following articles are authored by Alan Perkins, he has devoted a lot of time and resources to the defining and research of search engine spam. For this reason Alan has been cited here many times. He is not an SeoPros Member and the articles below are in the opinion of this editor some of the best resources available on the subject.
The Classification of Search Engine Spam: Possibly the definitive paper on search engine spam not written by a search engine.
Why Cloaking is Always a Bad Idea: Alan discusses what is and isn’t cloaking and why it is a practice that should be avoided.
SEO : Sleepwalking Ever Onwards?: Discussion about whitehat vs. blackhat techniques.
Search Marketing Techniques, Deceptive Advertising Laws & Other Laws: Allan discusses the possibility that some SEO techniques may be unlawful because of deceptive advertising, trespass and accessibility laws in many countries.

ODP Promotion Ethics and Standards: Link to a topic on ODP with some good articles on Search Engine Spam and Industry Ethics.
The Search Engine Spam Police: Search Day article with excerpts from SES where SE reps discuss spam.

SEO/M Courses and Certificate Programs Currently Endorsed by OSEOP/SeoPros

The courses and training below have been endorsed by OSEOP and SeoPros and are based on unsolicited evaluation by members of SeoPros. The evaluations are based on the information included, quality of the teachers and tools/materials included with instruction in the course of study.

There were no cash payments of any kind nor is there any affiliation between these Organizations and SeoPros or OSEOP, however, a number of the faculty and authors of materials are members of SeoPros. The Organizations were not aware they were being evaluated by our members to insure they were unbiased opinions of students.

Search Engine College: Kal Jordan, an SeoPros member, is College Administrator and SeoPros Members Bob Gladstein, Dan Thies and Chris Dimmock are trainers or content contributors to these online courses. SEC has students and graduates in over 40 countries. In 2010 they have continued to maintain high standards for materials and trainers. You see an affiliate link only for tracking purposes. The link was up for years without the tracking however we did request it at this time more for tracking purposes then to generate revenue. In fact we hesitated adding the code so potential students know there is no profit motive in the recommendation. In fact any student who signs up from here we would like to donate the fee toward their tuition.

SEO Research Labs: Dan Thies is Administrator for the courses. Course includes techniques for building and growing an SEO/M business, managing customer expectations, optimization techniques and keyword marketing.

Information Sites

Below are recommended resources, references and tutorials for search engine marketing and optimization information. It is recommended that anyone using any other references be sure to verify the info you get at a second resource and read other articles by the author to determine the authors expertise. Keep in mind that this is the internet, just because it was printed, doesn’t necessarily make it accurate or true, including, this and the list below!:)

For the most part these were chosen because we feel confident their information is accurate and researched thoroughly. There are plenty of other good references, be selective, and use the suggestion above as a guide to what to use and discard.

SearchEngineWatch: Danny Sullivan’s original site features his and other knowledgeable professionals excellent collection of articles on a number of Search Marketing issues and techniques.
Search Engine Guide: Edited by Robert Clough SEG is an excellent source of tutorials and techniques for beginner and intermediate information. The site also provides a wealth of general information on searching and search engines.
Pandia Search Central: A guide to Internet searching and search engine Marketing
High Rankings Advisor: Edited by Jill Whalen the Advisor is a well written informative resource for SEO’s and site owners looking for the real deal! Includes a companion newsletter.

Email Newsletters and Discussion Groups

There are many SEO/SEM newsletters and ezines the warning preceding would apply to most of these as well. Learn to distinguish what is advertising and what is truly information. Don’t assume that the information isn’t biased by products and services provided by the publishers!

SearchDay: is a free daily newsletter from Search Engine Watch featuring web search news, reviews, tools, tips, and search engine headlines from across the web.
SearchEngineLand: Danny Sullivan is the man behind the curtain here with a number of the old guard from SEW. The quality of the writers and topics are the best out there.

Forums and Discussion Boards

Although there are a number of discussion boards and fora on this subject we only list 4 which we know discourage “inappropriate” techniques. All the others though useful for the most part do not discourage the propagation of “inappropriate” techniques.

High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum: Jill Whalen’s forum features a number of knowledgeable Mods and participants all showing you how to make your site be the best it can be for Search Engines and users! Alan Perkins is a frequent contributor/Mod and if you have spam questions he usually speaks up with excellent advice.
cre8asite forums Though not as busy as some forums these are still worth a visit. Cre8asite features knowledgeable Mods in the fields of optimization, design and usability.

Directories and SEO/SEM Organizations

Below is a short list of other suggested directories and Professional Organizations. We have only included organizations which are SEO/SEM centric. Other Organizations have SEO’s included but are not only for Professional SEO’s and SEM’s. They include all forms of Internet Marketing and are not reviewed.

1. Owned by Edward Lewis this a searchable list of reputable SEO’s that have been reviewed before including them in the directory. Also includes general information on SEO/SEM.
2. SEMPO: Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, providing excellent information on search engine marketing. Includes a directory of Search Engine Marketers that haven’t been reviewed before listing.

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