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    SEO Pros is a Registered Ontario Not For Profit organization providing an RFP Generator, free recommendation services and materials to provide information and guidance finding marketing professional or Agency for you!
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    The SEO Pros Community provides opportunities to network with other SEO marketers and web developers interested in changing the status quo where consumers are expected to fend for themselves.
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    SEO Pros wants to help you find the SEO best suited for your site and budget! Every Wednesday at 11 AM EST check us out on Google+ for tips on building your online business!
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Free Advisory Services

SEO Pros is a strong believer that consumer advocacy is way past due for a matured marketing industry like SEO. The industry consensus has been that consumers should be expected to learn enough to ask both the right questions and know that they got the right answers. SEO has become so complicated with new spam and content evaluation algorithms that even professionals with years of experience are baffled as to what is and isn't a SEO "best practice". How can we expect consumers to know what to ask when doing due diligence. SEO Pros has the answer with its free SEO Advisor Program!


SEO Pros Consultants Directory

SEO Pros thoroughly reviews all consultants and agencies listed in the SEO Consultants Directory. The directory review includes the websites and services and information on it; techniques used on client sites we discover during the review; searches for complaints on BBB and other similar services; other professional SEO organizations and checks for duplicate content and plagiarized materials and other proprietary processes.



The RFPgenerator enables you to create a request for proposal based on the services and data you provide. To be ready you should have a list of 3 competitors, some of your primary keywords, who your audience is, and most importantly the budget. Our members are always busy so generally any RFP's that do not include a budget are often

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The original "how to" articles were written between 2000 and 2003; updated in 2011 and again recently. This "how to" is written to reflect the ever changing Algos which cause major shifts from on-page to off page analysis i.e. link analysis at the time of writing, the present document has been slanted towards a shift to measuring "buzz" and activity on the many social network sites.

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SEO Pros Member Community

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The SEO Pros community is for marketers and developers to network and keep abreast of the latest in SEO and Internet marketing. We all have one thing in common to give consumers a place to get information and SEO services.

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Reviewed List of Directories

SEO Pros Directory List

Looking for the list of Reviewed directories? We have moved that to SEO Pros.com. There is a login however there is no charge for this area as yet. We are planning to improve the display and layout of the site as it will be transformed into crowd sourced list of niche blogs.

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