TOS and Privacy Policy

SEO Pros, and any of their parents, members, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, officers, directors or employees (herein known as SEO Pros) generates and submits Requests for Proposals (RFPs) on behalf of consumers, any person, organization, or entity, (herein known as Consumers), using any services, information or programming (herein known as Services) provided by SEO Pros to Members, paid subscribers of, (herein known as Members). Additionally, SEO Pros provides other Member Services, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer Information.
  • “Best Practices” Compliance Investigation.
  • Consumer Complaint Investigation and Reporting.
  • Searchable Database of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Consultants.
  • RFP Generator and Submission.
  • Branding of Profiles and Services.

Terms of Use

Members agree:

  • To abide by the “best practices” adopted by the membership. Once complete, the organization’s “best practices” document to be found on the Members Practices page.

Members agree that, if they are deemed to be “best practices” noncompliant by the Membership:

  • Expulsion of a Member is to be decided by a vote of the membership. Expulsion requires a majority vote, any vote which ends in deadlock to be decided by a vote of the three-member Executive of the organization.
  • A registered complaint against any Member results in the Member being temporarily removed from the database until results of the membership vote are completed.
  • All agreed upon membership Services and benefits including, but not limited to, use of membership logos, inclusion in the database, and complaint arbitration are null and void.
  • All search engines participating in the complaint process will be notified of the Member’s non-compliance and provided with the investigation report.
  • Members agree that, upon expulsion, they have no claims or recourse, either monetary, or legal, against SEO Pros, or any of its Members as a result of the expulsion.
  • Members agree to display exactly (their choice) one of either SEO Pros’ member logos or links as provided on the Promotion page.
  • Members agree that failure to comply is a non-expulsion violation of this agreement. Any member that does not have a website when becoming a member must comply as soon as one is available. Furthermore, all Members warrant that they are aware that this will be checked periodically by a remote program to ensure compliance.


  • SEO Pros shall not be responsible for performance of, payment of, or actions of Members in the course of fulfilling the Services or duties outlined in a submitted and accepted RFP.
  • SEO Pros shall not be responsible for delays or failure of performance resulting from Internet Service Provider delivery problems.
  • SEO Pros shall not be responsible for delays or failure, or any communication or disputes between Consumers or Members using the RFP Service (known as the RFP Generator).
  • SEO Pros’ sole responsibility is to act as a 3rd party arbiter for Consumers using the RFP Service and Members contracted by the Consumer to provide the Services contained in the RFP created by the RFP Generator.
  • SEO Pros agrees to act as an arbiter only if all parties to the agreement agree to their participation as an arbiter.
  • SEO Pross is neither monetarily or legally responsible for execution, payment, or damages resulting from failure of any Consumer or Member using any Service on SEO Pros to fulfill their contractual or other obligations.
  • SEO Pros shall not be responsible for acts or causes beyond its control including but not limited to: acts of God, strikes, lockouts, communications line or equipment failures, power failures, earthquakes, or other disasters.
  • SEO Pros does not represent or warrant that Consumers URL’s will achieve a favorable position, or any position on any search engine.
  • SEO Pros does not warrant or represent that the use, or the results of the use, of the materials, Services available on SEO Pros or provided by third parties will be correct, accurate, timely, reliable, or otherwise.
  • Consumers and Members expressly agree that use of the SEO Pros Service is at their sole risk. All Services provided by SEO Pros are on an “as is” and “as available” basis. SEO Pros expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.
  • Notwithstanding the security precautions taken against disclosure of information, there are certain conditions that exist on the Internet generally which are outside SEO Pros’ control and could result in a breach of security. Accordingly, SEO Pros cannot guarantee that data information will be free from corruption or piracy. You, hereby, expressly waive any claim against SEO Pros arising out of the loss of data through corruption, piracy, breach of security, or for any other reason.
  • To the maximum extent allowed by law, SEO Pros shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (no matter how they arose, including negligence), or for interrupted communications, lost data, or lost profits arising out of or in connection with the SEO Pros Service. Further, SEO Pros will not have any liability for any losses arising because its Services are not operational or accessible.

SEO Pros Privacy Policy

Any information provided to is never sold or shared with 3rd parties. You chose to share it with others by selecting them from the list of consultants on the site. Information is never used without the permission of those providing the information. It is never used in any way other than for the purposes for which the information was gathered. All campaign data is backed up daily, displayed only to those who have permission to view it in a password protected area.