SEO Pros Helpline Hangout May 1st 2013

Link Building: Techniques and Tools for Link Marketing in 2013

Today SEO Pros is honored to announce that , will be the first guests on SEO Pros weekly Helpline Hangout. We'll be starting the Hangout with a short interview and discussion with myself and Steve Gerencser as hosts. We hope ya' all join us and bring along a few questions for our guests and the Helpline hosts and regulars.

Debra Mastaler is a Link Marketing legend that I've been following for years. Whenever we do anything with link building at SEO Pros or the SEO Training Dojo Debra is the first person I think of to anchor the panel/discussion. Garrett French is one of the people behind the awesome Link Prospector tool that anybody who follows me knows "I use that $%^& for everything! Brent I am not as familiar with but when we were looking to fill the panel he was one of the people that a few around the SEO Pros skype room suggested!

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