Organization: History and Philosophy

While we may be called SEO Pros, our organization serves the entire internet marketing community. Today, you’ll find search engine staff, search engine optimization consultants, internet marketers and tool/software makers are just a few of the professionals here.

The SEO Pros Not-For-Profit Organization — It All Started With A Small but Serious Problem…

Terry Van Horne (aka Webmaster T), founder of the SEO Pros Organization, has been around since the early days of the Internet. Back then, the world of online marketing was wild and untamed.

Chronic abusers ran amuck. They caused a world of trouble and there were very few ways businesses and consumers could educate and protect themselves. Instead of just complaining or cleaning up after them, Terry decided to do something about it.

He had been fighting against craphat techniques for years. He even published the Spamdexers Hall of Shame in 1996, but this was clearly a job for more than one person. This problem required a team effort.

Prior to entering the online world and starting Webmaster T’s World of Design, Terry had spent many years in the direct marketing and telemarketing industry. This was an industry that had a lot of similar problems — a select few would use bad tactics to do harm leaving consumers unprotected and nowhere to turn for assistance. So, the telemarketing industry created its own association — an independent, unbiased third part — to give businesses and consumers the help they so desperately needed.

If this worked for telemarketing, why couldn’t it work for the online marketing industry? At the very least, a knowledgeable but independent third party would give consumers and internet marketing professionals a reliable place to turn. And so, Terry founded SEO Pros in 2001.

…And Continues With A Simple Goal — Internet Marketing Education And Information

Terry has designed and structured SEO Pros to be a reliable resource and offer assistance in all aspects of digital marketing to all those involved. So, whether it’s flawed tools made by companies who refuse to look at the consequences of their creations, an SEO firm ignoring industry best practices to take consumer’s money, or just keeping the lines of communication open, we’re here to help.

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