SEO Pros Directory Submission Guidelines

  • “best practices” is the only active link. The others are links to provide more information by hovering over the link
  • best practices compliance
  • URL submitted goes directly to the SEO services being offered by your firm. Sites offering services which are not specific to SEO, eg: hosting and web design must use the page where SEO services are listed with descriptions or have links to descriptions.
  • Unacceptable SEO Services and Terms: No auto resubmission, no automated submission to 1000s of SE or FFAs, excessive use of affiliate programs or use of the terms doorways, bridge and gateway pages
  • Services criteria: all services ticked must be listed and explained in detail or have links to descriptions. Packages must outline exactly what services are included in the packages. The reviewer assumes nothing – if a service is not listed with a description, the services you ticked will be edited to include only services that meet these criteria.
  • Accuracy of company profile information
  • One representative per firm only. Other employees may be sponsored by the company by entering a value in the sponsored employee field, however we will limit listings per firm to one.
  • No references to guarantees for optimization services unless expressly outlined on the site what results they are based upon (No PPC)
  • All information deemed unacceptable by the reviewer will be edited, by either deletion or rewording of the guarantee or service. Submitted URL will be edited if it doesn’t go directly to navigation for your SEO services. A confirmation email will be sent as notification of any edits to profiles.

Member firms should read both the Members’ Index, which gives a little history of the organization, and the Organization’s Mandate, which outlines the goals of the organization. Please read the Membership Agreement & Requirements before submitting.

Review and administration charges are not refunded for Firms which do not receive a favorable review outcome as these are costs incurred by the Organization in processing the submission request. Sponsorship ads will be refunded as these do not result in an expense to the Organization. No reviews will be conducted until payment is made either by invoice, in which case receipt of the check or money order, or PayPal.