How To Choose An SEO


The following articles will assist consumers that aren’t knowledgeable of what a search engine optimization consultant or marketer does or what to expect from an SEO/webmaster or website promotion service. The original articles were written between 2000 and 2003. The page has been updated 3 times since the original posts were written with the last update in October 2018.

Although SEO and to a lesser extent Social Media are constantly changing, understand that this post is written knowing that algorithms change frequently. However, because this is written to reflect major shifts like on-page to off page analysis i.e. link analysis at the time of writing in 2003, Universal Search and a shift to measuring “buzz” and activity on the many social network sites in 2011 just missing the Panda update by months. There was a tweak of the docs in 2014/15 that still did not address the quality updates that began in May 2011 and continue to be a factor in SERP flux today.

The current update of this document addresses Panda, Penguin and the change to Entity Based Search by Google and the role of structured data and natural language processing with the additions of the knowledgegraph, Hummingbird and RankBrain algorithm additions appearing in the SERP.

Changes to the FAQ will be in blockquotes and italicized font anything bolded is the key point.

It’s our hope that by using this FAQ, we can illustrate the success of our member standards. To date only 6 members have been removed, 2 for “questionable business practices”; 3 for plagiarism, oddly only one was offshore and lastly TrafficPower who are mentioned in some docs.

How content is discovered is changing and will only increase the need for webmasters and marketers to change the way websites are promoted. Facebook has emerged as a major force; YouTube, a video search and Social sharing site, is the second most popular search site; blogging, including micro blogging (Twitter and similar Social Networks), have all changed the way content is published and shared/distributed.

All Below Written by Terry Van Horne, AKA Webmaster T, a founding member of SeoPros.org

Search Engine Optimization required skills: outlines the skills required by a search engine optimization consultant. Useful in judging their suitability for a project.
What you should expect from your search engine marketer: it is a given that top positions are expected. This FAQ informs you of what you should really expect in addition to top positions from a search engine marketer and why.
Search engine optimization and Submission services to avoid: There are many services to avoid. We explain these services and why they are best avoided.
Find a Search Engine Optimization Consultant: outlines using search engines and other resources to find an SEO Consultant and perform due diligence.
Why shouldn’t I just do this myself?: Good question! Many do try, few succeed. We explain why and how in the long run, this could be more costly than hiring a professional search engine optimization company.

Related Resources

https://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html: For another take on SEO services to avoid checkout this article on Google!
Seo Pros Resource Page: Alan Perkins has published a number of papers on spam and ‘Best Practices’ which should be a “must read” for professionals and people looking to use SEO services. In addition to Alan’s reference there are links to many Forums, search engine and organizations a consumer can use to perform their due diligence.

About the Author and these Articles & FAQ’s

Written by Terry Van Horne, AKA Webmaster T, a founding member of the organization. T has been an active member of the SEO community since 1995, writing optimization and submission articles on TsWorldofdesign and advocating “best practices”.

Terry co-founded the SEO Training Dojo with David Harry and more recently is managing SEO Dojo Radio a site where Terry and David have archived some 300 podcasts and interviews with the brightest minds in Search. In 2019 Terry is returning to SEO Pros and is no longer servicing clients beyond 2 Local clients that he has worked with for years. Once again Terry is in the unique position of having no vested interest in the information provided and updated in 2018.

His intention for the articles is to provide information that consumers of search engine optimization and marketing services could use to understand:

  • what should be done
  • how it should be done
  • what they should realistically expect and why