Recommendation Service: $250

Think of the SEO Pros recommendation service as your personal SEO headhunter. A headhunter that saves you hours of time finding and vetting an SEO. SEO Pros recommendation service and advisors are veteran SEOs with years of experience in technical and local SEO, link building, social media marketing and more.

The site audit provided with the recommendation service is more detailed than the free audit provided by your RFP advisor. The free audit is mostly an automated process to collect data, give it a quick review to determine the quality of work done to date and prioritize the services the client will require. The time spent on the free site audit is 30-40 minutes.

The site audit provided by an SEO Pros recommendation service will be more in-depth, so, where the free audit looks at the total number of links and what is required in that industry. The enhanced audit would look deeper to determine the quality and risk of the links. Time spent on the recommendation service site audit is 2-3 hours.

SEO Pros recommendation services include:

  • A professional with experience in evaluating your needs with the knowledge to ask the right questions of your future SEO
  • Anonymity until candidates are chosen for interviews.
  • An interview before filling out RFP to determine the goals and how success is to be measured, budget and deadlines.
  • Enhanced site audit that include some recommendations.
  • Distribution and preparation of RFP.
  • Collect RFP responses and answer candidate questions.
  • Initial interview with candidates.
  • Prepare a list of candidates that provide the services required.