SEO Pros Member Promotion Materials

Promotion and Membership Buttons and Text

Membership to SEO Pros includes displaying the Membership Logo on the page entered in your registration. This is so consumers see the badge and know you are a member. Many SEO Pros members link to their profile Page. If you would like to submit an image for consideration please contact us with an attached banner or button included. You will be given credit for the creation of the image with a link to your site.

If you would like to suggest alternate text links contact us and include the HTML for the text link.

NOTE: only Member Firms are allowed to use these links and images. Others may contact us for alternative images or text.

Member Button:

Please host any images used on your server. This will not only keep our bandwidth usage to a minimum but will also make the image download faster.

Text HTML: Any Font face and font colors may be used to keep them uniform on your site. Choose your own Text and I strongly advise linking to your Profile.

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