Semantic SEO: Google Search is a “things not strings” Search Engine

“The Entity Hour”

With Bill Slawski & Terry Van Horne

The “Entity Hour” will cover almost all SEO topics with an emphasis on topics related to the semantic web. Much like Search Geeks which preceded it Bill and Terry will be digging into their rolodex’s and booking the best people available to discuss the topic of the day.

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Semantic SEO

In many ways the SEO community for the most part has only embraced the “semantic web” in their search engine optimization implementation in the last 2 years. To date the tools used by professional SEO consultants for implementing schema, entity and concept/topic discovery have been one dimensional and too often writing poorly written code into your page.

If there is a tool that emulates Google’s NLP and analysis of a keyword corpus I have not seen it! That changed a few weeks ago when I came across InLinks a new tool by Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO fame.

Dixon will be discussing this new tool, the semantic web, Majestic SEO and his experiences as a venture capitalist in a one hour interview with Bill and Terry.

Resource links:

In March of 2021 Bill wrote What is Semantic SEO? which is one of the best posts I’ve read on implementing  Semantic SEO!

Dixon’s Semantic SEO Toolset:
Inlinks Schema Visibility report

Patent Discussion:

Bill dropped these with the comment, “They are three patents that cover a lot of ground and show how semantic information Is being pulled from the web to answer queries.”

Entity Extractions for Knowledge Graphs at Google

Answering Questions Using Knowledge Graphs

Ranked Entities in Search Results at Google