Semantic SEO Audit

This post outlines what to include in a Semantic SEO audit and how to do the verification and analysis. You’ll find references to and Google validators, Google supported schema and more!

Thoughts on SERP Volatility and Core Updates

Marie Haynes excellent analysis was the inspiration for me to share some thoughts I’ve alluded to on twitter! Although retired core updates are still a part of SEO that I am curious about and still form hypothesis for what is happening. Causes of SERP Volatility Unrelated to Algorithmic Updates For the past couple of years the tools measuring SERP volatility have been terrible at measuring volatility to “warn” of core update activity. IMO, one of the reasons for the ineffective measurement is the unprecedented number of innovations to SERP construction being made by Google on almost a daily basis. The …

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OSEOP NFP To Be Dissolved

OSEOP is being dissolved because the NFP was created to financially support standards, however, beyond that standards seemed to be beyond the time and manpower OSEOP had to achieve much so it was decided to just continue and see if industry attitudes or OSEOP/SEO Pros had the ability to reach the goal. The OSEOP NFP corporation is returning the membership fees minus the costs to dissolve the corp, Paypal fees and currency exchange. For each year you receive $40 USD. Best Regards,Terry Van Hornecall: (416) 638-4148

Rich Results: History and Types of Rich Results

What is a Google Rich Result? A rich result is any result that isn’t a traditional “blue link”. Examples of rich results are reviews and ratings, prices, events, howto results and more implemented with schema and known as rich snippets. Answer boxes, knowledge panels which come from the knowledge graph. Universal Search results are also rich results including local search packs, shopping results, images, news and video results. Rich Results the Future of SEO! Google defines Rich Results as: Experiences on Google surfaces that go beyond the standard blue link. Googles definition is important because “Google surfaces” includes voice search …

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Knowledge Panels & Knowledge Graphs

A complete guide to Google Knowledge Panels and Knowledge Graphs with guest Aaron Bradley noted Knowledge Graph enthusiast at EA Sports. He joins Bill Slawski & Terry shares info on how to get panels for musicians, brands & more including maintaining a knowledge graph.

Featured Snippets 101: The Basics & SEO Strategies to Maximize Traffic

For technical SEO’s featured snippets are a part of a larger set of search results that Google refers to as rich results. I suggest you checkout the information on rich results to better understand the basics of featured snippets and their role in the SERP as a rich result and their possible role in the future of search and SEO. Skip the basics and go to the featured snippet optimization and SERP strategy section Featured Snippets Featured snippets are Google search listings at the top (position zero) of Google’s organic results providing answers and facts to a searcher’s questions and …

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SEO Pros Live Video Streaming Page

“The Entity Hour” With Bill Slawski & Terry Van Horne The “Entity Hour” will cover almost all SEO topics with an emphasis on topics related to the semantic web. Much like Search Geeks which preceded it Bill and Terry will be digging into their rolodex’s and booking the best people available to discuss the topic of the day. Rich Snippets & Schema w/ Mark & Martha van Berkel Terry and Bill discuss schema markup and rich snippets with Mark and Martha van Berkel of Previous Hangout: Check out the full post Knowledge Panels & Knowledge Graphs