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Contact Info

Beanstalk Internet Marketing
Contact Person: Dave Davies
1615 Fairfield Rd
V8S 1G4
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About us

Beanstalk Internet Marketing was founded out of the need for ethical yet effective SEO firms.

Primary Language: English

Beanstalk Internet Marketing are experienced SEO(s) working in NA industries. Beanstalk Internet Marketing has been on the internet since 2004 and has been doing SEO for 16 years. This SEO firm submitted they "will not promote porn, gambling, anything we don't like."

Web Programming Details:
Similar to dev, we've written some Google Ads scripts and widgets, but big projects

SEO Services

  Keywords/Phrases Research
  Keywords/Phrases Report
  Technical SEO
  Optimization and creation of Copy or design
  Local SEO
  Website Audits
    Directory & Citation building
  NAP Cleanup
  Link Report
  Manage Pay Per Click
  Manage and create Feed Programs
  Link Profile Analysis and Cleanup
  Content Marketing Developing Content Strategy
  Social Media Marketing Services