Link Building: Techniques and Tools

Link Building: Techniques and Tools 2013

SEO Pros Helpline Hangout May 1st

Today SEO Pros is honored to announce that , and will be the first guests on SEO Pros weekly Helpline Hangout. We’ll be starting the Hangout with a short interview and discussion with myself and as hosts. We hope ya’ all join us and bring along a few questions for our guests and the Helpline hosts and regulars.

Debra Mastaler is a Link Marketing legend that I’ve been following for years. Whenever we do anything with link building at SEO Pros or the SEO Training Dojo Debra is the first person I think of to anchor the panel/discussion. Garrett French is one of the people behind the awesome Link Prospector tool that anybody who follows me knows “I use that $%^& for everything!” Brent I am not as familiar with but when we were looking to fill the panel he was one of the people that a few around the SEO Pros skype room suggested!

Brent Rangen

Brent Rangen

Minnesota-spawned Brent Rangen is on the top of his game. 2010 Small Biz Discovery Contest Winner (Bruce Clay, Inc.), SEW News Author, and highly desirable internet marketing trainer. In his spare time, Brent enjoys cow tipping, table tennis, and squeaky cheese from Wisconsin.

Brent is also a partner at LinkOrbit and owner of the Optimize Guyz, a SEO and Custom WordPress Design Agency out of Central Minnesota.

Garrett French

Garrett French

Garrett French is the owner of Citation Labs, a large-scale link building agency that leverages in-house technologies (Link Prospector and others) to research, evaluate and acquire targeted, rank-influencing links for clients..

Garrett covered the search and search optimization industry for WebProNews from 2001 – 2004 and then for Search Engine Lowdown through 2006. Garrett has contributed to numerous publications, including Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Guide, Marketing Profs, Search Marketing Standard (web and print), ISEdb, Urban Dictionary and more.

Debra Mastaler

Debra Mastaler

Debra Mastaler of Alliance-Link is based in Oak Hill Virginia and offers link building training, consultations and custom link building services. She is also the author of the link building blog the Link Spiel.

Local Search for SMB and B2B Lead Generation

Local Search for SMB and B2B Lead Generation


Today SEO Pros announced that Darren Shaw, Mike Wilton and Adam Steele are to be guest experts for SEO Pros Helpline on Air Hangout on Local Search For SMB and B2B Lead Generation. Topics will cover G+ Local changes to Places, the role of citations and reviews in Local Algorithms, the importance of consistent NAP (name, address, phone), the role of the website in local rankings. Last week we discussed Social and Content Marketing and the week before that was traditional link building and this seemed to be the next logical step in refocusing your link building activity.

Mike and Darren are two of the SEO Dojo’s favorite Local search practitioners and Adam comes highly regarded.


Darren Shaw

Darren has been developing websites since 1996 and has been optimizing them for the search engines since 2001. He loves all areas of internet marketing, but is currently obsessed with local SEO.

He is the founder of Whitespark, and developed the popular Local Citation Finder tool for helping SEOs and businesses find citations.

Mike Wilton


Mike Wilton is an Orange County SEO that has been involved with various facets of internet marketing for over five years, most recently as the Internet Marketing Manager for a medical marketing company.

Mike began his career doing SEO and PPC for real estate agents in 2006. What started as a job that was just thrown at him, has since turned into an unrivaled passion. He is extremely active on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and has written for or been featured on sites like Search Engine People, Search Engine Journal, and the Raven SEO Tools blog.

Adam Steele

A SEO & Local SEO by trade, Adam spends the majority of his time creating new efficiencies through smart processes and the leveraging of technology. He is ruthlessly passionate about building smart, lean businesses, and exploring new, lean, internet marketing techniques.

Show Notes

Content Audits: HowTo Tips to Develop Your Content Strategy

In an age where the internet can easily accommodate all digital content marketers are no longer handcuffed by what Internet technology can do and provide a good user experience. These advances have brought large graphics (Infographics) and streaming audio and video new opportunities for marketers to better tailor content to site goals and the best experience for the user to take actions that convert the goals and generate leads and sales.

Content Audit:

  1. Do you do content audits? Why
  2. The role of the content audit in determining strategy Is content strategy only a link building plan or do you use it for a. determining if content is needed to aid in conversion process b. determining if content can improve customer retention

3. Tell us a little about:

  • how you choose content?
  • how you determine competitors
  • the role of competition analysis in Content Strategy

4. Prospecting and Analysis tools:

What tools if any do you use in developing your content strategy? I use:

  1. Screaming Frog
  2. Link Prospector
  3. Citation Finder (Local)
  4. Agent Web Ranking (Professional)

Steve Gerencser is on hiatus so David Harry of Verve Developments will be acting as co-host. David and myself will be joined by Jim Hedger and Miranda Miller as well a few of the many savvy content marketers in SEO Pros and SEO Training Dojo.


Miranda Miller

Miranda is Content Marketing specialist with years of online experience. She started out on the web as an e-book and sales copy writer for Internet marketers and webmasters. Several years, blogs, and joint ventures later, Miranda studied e-commerce and began teaching Internet marketing and social media in an Industry Canada-funded position. Now, as the author of over 60 e-books, 300 client projects and thousands of articles and blog posts, she lives and breathes content creation as her niche in digital marketing. Miranda lives and works on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.


Jim Hedger

Jim Hedger is a founding partner of the Toronto based Inbound Marketing Agency, Digital Always Media. Jim has a long and extensive background in Search Engine Optimization going back to the late 1990s. He currently heads the search engine optimization and content creation teams at Digital Always Media. Jim is also a well known writer, broadcaster, public speaker and community organizer in the search marketing industry. He has hosted a weekly WebmasterRadio.FM show, Webcology for nearly five years and periodically writes for search marketing industry publications.